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For some reason, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, just wanting some comfort and a little contentment. Perhaps it has something to do with celebrating my birthday yesterday? Anyway, I love to rewatch movies that I love and my wistfulness has inspired me to think through those movies that I can watch over and over again - and they just so happen to be at least 10 years old: wow! There are really a lot more than this, but for the moment, here are my Top 10 Favourite Movies to Rewatch:

Clueless (1995)
Cher and her best friend, Dionne, take on the new girl, Tai, as a project, giving her a make-over and helping to guide her through high school life; Cher ends up being the one who needs to figure things out for her own life.
A truly iconic movie. I mean, doesn't everyone know at least one of the classic quotes from the movie? "Ugh, as if!" - My go-to movie if I'm feeling stressed.
Scream (1996)
I'm not sure how much to explain here because if you haven't already seen it, you should go and watch it right now and be amazed. I'm cheating a bit for the list because I really mean all of the Scream movies; I have probably seen the first one the most times though. Scream is one of my favourite, if not my favourite, movie series. The first one, in particular, is so 90's, Neve Campbell is such a great, badass lead and I love the fact that the killer is just a regular person - no supernatural elements involved - I think it makes it much creepier.

Accepted (2006)
This is a movie about a high school kid, Bartleby Gaines, who fails to be accepted into any of the colleges he applied to. Panicking, Bartleby comes up with a fake college so that he can tell his parents that he's been accepted somewhere. A group of hilariously quirky characters come together, one of the best being Lewis Black's fake dean of the fake college, with his classic angry rants.
Always funny. And everyone always loves a scene where the underdog comes out on top.

Miss Congeniality (2000)
With a terrorist threat looming over the Miss United States pageant, Special Agent Gracie Hart is the last option available to the FBI to go undercover as a contestant. As well as being hilarious, I find this film to be really heart-warming. I really love all of the relationships that Gracie forms, especially with Cheryl, and the connection that grows between her and Eric is really nice and feels genuine to me.
Disturbia (2007)
I really love this movie and I actually think that it's really underrated. They created a really great character with Kale whom I definitely felt connected with and was rooting for; his story feels true and you can see and understand why he's having a tough time. The beginning still always gets me (with the car crash) and no matter how many times I watch it, it's still so creepy with, really, quite a frightening antagonist.

Legally Blonde (2001)
The "ditzy blonde", whose main ambition was to become Mrs. Warner Huntington III, turns out not to be so ditzy after all! After being broken up with for being too blonde, in what starts out as a bid to win Warner back, Elle applies and gets into Harvard. She ends up proving everyone's assumptions about her wrong. When Elle ends up winning a huge case by combining what she has learned at Harvard with the knowledge that she had before law school, she really makes a name for herself. A very funny and charming movie that loses nothing with repeated viewings.

Armageddon (1998)
With an asteroid hurtling towards earth, threatening total extinction, the governments' only course of action is to enlist the help of renowned driller Harry Stamper, who brings his team along, to drill into the surface of the asteroid and destroy it. An action-packed, dramatic (and definitely funny with the band of misfits that make up Harry's team) movie with Aerosmith's great I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing as the musical backdrop.

She's the Man (2006) 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this movie is a teen-classic! I'm not sure on a certain amount, but I've definitely seen this movie more than 10 times, and it never gets old. The fantastic Amanda Bynes plays Viola who, when her team gets cut at her school, comes up with a plan to pose as her twin brother, taking his place at boarding school, so that she can prove that girls are just as good as boys at football. Ridiculously hilarious every time.

Stick It (2006) 
Ex-gymnast Haley runs into some trouble with the law and when her Dad helps to cut her a deal, she has to spend her sentence at an elite gymnastics academy. After Haley's rebellious antics, we eventually learn that Haley had a good reason for quitting gymnastics, which culminates in a very emotional performance at a competition. As well as being about Haley's journey, this film is also commenting on the scoring system within the gymnastics world. A really fun and emotional movie with stunning gymnastic performances.

The Parent Trap (1998)
An all-time favourite of mine about twin sisters, Hallie and Annie, who discover each other at summer camp and come up with a plan to switch places so that they can both get to know the parent that they've never met. Dennis Quaid plays Nick, their father, and the beautiful Natasha Richardson plays Elizabeth, their mother. I loved this as a child, and I still love it now. It is utterly charming and, I've got to say, well made - when I was a kid, I completely bought that they were twins and I think that today, if I'd never heard of it or Lindsay Lohan before, I would completely believe it.

So, what do you think of my list? Do you like to rewatch movies? What are some of the movies that you could watch over and over again?


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