First Impressions: Midnight, Texas Premiere

Midnight, Texas

Mondays on NBC
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The show takes place in the remote town Midnight, Texas which turns out to be a lot more than the small, sleepy town that it first appears. The show follows Manfred Bernardo, a powerful psychic and seer, as he is lead to Midnight by his deceased Grandma for a safe place to hide out after running into some trouble. Manfred soon discovers that, alongside the humans, the town is home to a lot more of the supernatural than he realised, all with mysterious secrets of their own.
          The main characters that we were introduced to were: an energy-leeching vampire, Lemuel; a beautiful human assassin, Olivia; a seemingly sweet witch, Fiji; an ambitious "girl next door" writer, Creek; a suspicious pawn shop owner, Bobo; the Rev who keeps a pet cemetery; and Joe, an angelic tattoo artist.

The premiere opened a handful of storylines for Manfred and the other characters; the obvious first one being the truth behind each of the characters mysterious pasts' and, possibly wrapped up in that, the truth of who the characters really are - there were definitely a couple of characters that it seemed (to me, at least) that there is more than meets the eye *cough*Bobo*cough*.
           There's apparently a threat to Midnight from a biker gang, there's the threat of the increasingly suspicious police, and there is, of course, the typical murder mystery after the discovery of, Bobo's fiancĂ©, Aubrey's body. However, because of the numerous secrets surrounding all of the characters, it's going to be interesting to see who really killed her and why; and how will this affect their united front against outside adversaries. I don't think it's going to be so simple. I'm cautiously optimistic in hoping for a nice big shock.

Overall, I think this was a good premiere episode for Midnight, Texas. We were introduced enough to each of the people to be able to get a feeling of their character and the different storylines were opened appropriately, not giving (I think) too much away, leaving the audience and I intrigued enough to continue watching the show. If you're looking for a True Blood replacement, this isn't it; however, it may well be keying up to have a first season that is just as successful.

Suprise Favourite Moment (without giving too much away):


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