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First Impressions: Midnight, Texas Premiere

Midnight, Texas

Mondays on NBC
Premiere Rating:

The show takes place in the remote town Midnight, Texas which turns out to be a lot more than the small, sleepy town that it first appears. The show follows Manfred Bernardo, a powerful psychic and seer, as he is lead to Midnight by his deceased Grandma for a safe place to hide out after running into some trouble. Manfred soon discovers that, alongside the humans, the town is home to a lot more of the supernatural than he realised, all with mysterious secrets of their own.
          The main characters that we were introduced to were: an energy-leeching vampire, Lemuel; a beautiful human assassin, Olivia; a seemingly sweet witch, Fiji; an ambitious "girl next door" writer, Creek; a suspicious pawn shop owner, Bobo; the Rev who keeps a pet cemetery; and Joe, an angelic tattoo artist.

The premiere opened a handful of storylines for Manfred and the other characters; the obvious first one being the truth behi…

<<| Rewind, Rewatch: Movies

For some reason, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, just wanting some comfort and a little contentment. Perhaps it has something to do with celebrating my birthday yesterday? Anyway, I love to rewatch movies that I love and my wistfulness has inspired me to think through those movies that I can watch over and over again - and they just so happen to be at least 10 years old: wow! There are really a lot more than this, but for the moment, here are my Top 10 Favourite Movies to Rewatch:

Clueless (1995)
Cher and her best friend, Dionne, take on the new girl, Tai, as a project, giving her a make-over and helping to guide her through high school life; Cher ends up being the one who needs to figure things out for her own life.
A truly iconic movie. I mean, doesn't everyone know at least one of the classic quotes from the movie? "Ugh, as if!" - My go-to movie if I'm feeling stressed.
Scream (1996)
I'm not sure how much to explain here because if you haven't already…

First Impressions: The Bold Type 2-Hour Premiere

The Bold Type

Tuesdays on Freeform
Premiere Rating:

Inspired by the life of "Cosmopolitan" editor in chief, Joanna Coles, The Bold Type is a show, yes, about the goings on in the office of the global women's magazine, Scarlet; but mainly it is about the lives of three women and their friendships, identities, work lives and love lives.
          Jane, played by Katie Stevens (Faking It), has just been promoted to her dream job as a writer for the magazine and her character spent the first two episodes struggling to combine her personal life and her career, trying to find her voice and seemingly beginning to grasp it by the end of the second show. Kat, played by Aisha Dee (Sweet/Vicious, Chasing Life), who is already settled into a job that she loves as Social Media Director of Scarlet, meets an artist, Adeena, played by Nikohl Boosheri (Circumstance), who makes her question her own sexual identity. Sutton, played by Meghann Fahy (One Life to Live…